Chandra Santos

In a world where solitude is becoming the norm, what happens to those who were always a little lonely? This is a poem to highlight isolation

Somehow there’s always those zombies deep within.

It’s an interesting pile of mud my soul.

I see molten black viscous lava. It’s not burning.

It resembles black syrup.

The Zombies are the only ones that are able to walk through.

not with ease but they’re doing it.

Mere mortals like…

This is a very serious, very legitimate, uplifting list about singleness and why it’s fun. Don’t laugh!

Being single never comes with challenges. It’s jam-packed with positives and plenty to do. If you can’t think of a single thing that’s good about it, then quit moping and read this article. I guarantee that I can help you find something good about your current state of lone wolfing…

No not the emotions within you. Those already speak enough for themselves! I’m talking about text emojis. I think they’d have plenty to say. Take a look.

I’m sure many of them would have complaints to give all of us. Ok fair enough not all of them would have something to complain about. The “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji (😂) would more than likely do as it knows best: giggle all day till it cries. It…

Have you ever met someone so quiet you’ve wondered what they’re thinking during your conversations?

Yes, someone has asked me what I’m thinking during group conversations before. The question went something along the lines of: “Chandra, what are you thinking while we’re all talking?” Thanks, Poppy I was just dreaming about landing in a pot of gold surrounded by unicorns and rainbow chocolates.

No, I…

Chandra Santos

Book dragon, lover of words, YouTuber at Mysteries of Writing, psychology fanatic with a love for food and random advice.

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