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Chandra Santos

This is a very serious, very legitimate, uplifting list about singleness and why it’s fun. Don’t laugh!

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1. You’re free to think alone

No not the emotions within you. Those already speak enough for themselves! I’m talking about text emojis. I think they’d have plenty to say. Take a look.

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This is what I do to maximize my earnings whilst eradicating my anxiety.

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These are five elements to creating viral videos

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1. Money

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For the 21 Shamelessly Friendless Crowds

Have you ever met someone so quiet you’ve wondered what they’re thinking during your conversations?

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Winding down after a long day at work has never been so soothing.

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There’s plenty of advice on getting back together but what about when you just want your ex to leave you alone?

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Chandra Santos

Book dragon, lover of words, YouTuber at Mysteries of Writing, psychology fanatic with a love for food and random advice.

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